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I work with a lot of people whose problems are unique and therefore tailor my treatment to their particular scenario depending on their lifestyle, activity level and pain they are experiencing to help them get back to their best condition.

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❝Kate’s approach really is holistic. She is warm and welcoming; she listens to your problems and helps you clarify your expectations and targets. Through a thorough examination she spots the problem and offers a number of ways to help with it, from hands-on treatment to individualized exercises that she teaches you in person and then supports through emailed videos and explanations. She is helping me with my autoimmune condition, allowing me to go back to a normal level of physical activity while taking immunosuppressive medications, but she is also great with athletes for sports injuries. She is lovely and encouraging, and never fails to make you feel better. Thank you Kate!❞

❝Kate is amazing and always sorts me out instantly! Highly recommend!❞

❝Kate is an incredible physio, she has managed to increase the range of motion and reduce the pain in my elbow following an injury 20 years ago that required a titanium prosthesis. I’ve been able to do flying trapeze and a range of other aerial activities since, and her warm, understanding manner makes the whole process really easy.❞

❝Kate was recommended by a gym instructor and I found her contact details on line.

I was amazed that she was both a yoga expert and a physio and felt she was exactly what I needed. I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune muscle disorder and found that the NHS was very much focused on medication rather than wholistic treatment.

I really needed someone to assess muscle groups and teach me how to improve my strength. Kate was amazing from the off start. She listened to me and then looked at every muscle group, provided hands on treatment to tense areas, and then guided me through exercises. She sent me videos and colour instructions of exercises and then saw me a couple of weeks later and did the same. We were both encouraged by the progress.

Kate is a healer and her areas of expertise equip her with all the skills needed to help anyone who wants to get stronger or more flexible and gain confidence. It is really hard to find someone like her and I feel very lucky that I did.❞

❝I recently asked Kate for help with TMJ disorder. She was incredibly thorough and I left feeling far less pain and discomfort than I’d arrived with. She also gave me simple exercises to do at home so that I could maintain the benefit of the session, and I’m now pain-free!❞

❝I've been to Kate twice now and have recommended several friends to see her if ever in need of a physio. Not only is she extremely understanding but she's lovely to chat to during the treatment sessions. Lovely space and great advice. Will be back again.❞

❝Kate is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable physio who genuinely cares about her patients in a holistic way. She fixed my recurring lower back pain and also a sports hernia by giving me personalised exercises. I highly recommend her! ❞

Andras (Amateur Ballroom Dancer)
❝I saw Kate as I had stiff and tense jaw, neck and shoulders and she was a wonderful help. I felt really safe, listened to and cared for, and she managed to release a lot of deeply held tension, always communicating with me about the process. I felt very relaxed afterwards. Would highly recommend. Thank you Kate.❞

Karen (Yoga Teacher)
❝Kate is fantastic - I felt confident in her and empowered in me. Her space is lovely and calm, she’s clear, supportive and a brilliant listener to both the client’s words and body. I so respect the dedication she has to her profession. I recommend her hugely!❞

❝In just one visit Kate helped ease my long term back pain and managed to permanently fix a hip problem that other physiotherapists had not been able to work out. Kate brings together her multi disciplinary expertise to achieve excellent results. I will certainly be booking another session!❞

❝I'm so grateful to Kate for all her help in sorting out my lower back pain, which had been a real issue for me for several months but is now better after just 3 sessions! She is such a wonderful physio: incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and patient, (not to mention such a kind and interesting person!) I benefited so much from her sessions and could not recommend her more highly. My only regret is that I didn't go sooner!❞

❝My 1-2-1 yoga session with Kate was great. She used her insights from her training as a physiotherapist and her yoga teaching skills to really help me progress my practice. Thank you so much!❞

❝Kate works magic with her scientific and yogic expertise. My two visits were for pelvic and shoulder pain. The pain was stopping me from having a good night's sleep. Kate is adept at finding the problem areas with her touch and her knowledge of physiology helps to dispel the pain. Using various techniques she managed to hold the pain whilst my body and mind felt safe to relax.❞

Dina (Yoga Teacher)
❝I have two chronic medical conditions which have many complications, sometimes disrupting my own practice. And yet, with Kate’s classes, I seem to walk away feeling lighter and often without the pain I started with. I really appreciate how she has delicately and subtly adapted poses for me- with much genuine medical success! I do believe she will successfully guide all types of students, but I feel she has a natural empathy, especially with those, harbouring chronic or intermittent conditions, in mind, body and soul.❞

❝A lot of my athletes were struggling with back pain from rowing. After a couple of visits with Kate they have gotten better and were able to race. Thanks to Kate we've had a full and a healthy crew for our most important races of the season.❞

❝I can't thank Kate enough. She was the first physio to diagnose and actually correct the underlying cause of  my back pain, rather than just fobbing me off with generic exercises.❞

❝Excellent physio that eased my complicated knee pain.❞

❝I really enjoy practicing with Kate. Besides her professionalism she has a special energy which makes me relaxed and happy - so important with my packed  life schedule.❞

❝I have had private and group classes with Kate and have loved both. She is an incredibly intuitive teacher who matches and adapts what she is teaching to each individual. I recommend her highly!❞



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