Flying Trapeze Physio Research

Why Is Flying Trapeze Research Important?

As you probably know if you’ve done any kind of flying trapeze… it’s pretty tough on the body! Injuries do happen and the super dynamic nature of fly means it can be challenging to rehab back to peak level. 

Sadly flying trapeze research is a very sparse field at the moment, but I’m hoping to try and change that! 

I started out as an academic (PhD in Chemistry and a few years post doc) and currently have a second job in digital healthcare research. I’m super excited to be able to give back to the fly community and start using my research skills from both fields for flying trapeze related issues

My aim with this research is to:

1. Help identify any injury patterns caused by flying trapeze

2. Which injuries are the most problematic when it comes to returning to flying trapeze

3. Develop better rehab protocols to help people return to fly faster.

However, I can’t do it alone! I need as many lovely flying trapeze people of ALL levels as possible to help by taking part and completing the research survey(s) below.

Current Research

Flying Trapeze Shoulder Injury Survey

Status: Active 

Phase: Data collection open

Aim: To help find out any shoulder injury patterns caused by flying trapeze. Which shoulder injuries are the most problematic when it comes to returning to flying trapeze. In turn this information could help make flying trapeze safer and help develop better rehab protocols for the most problematic injuries.  

Open to: Amateur and professional members of the flying trapeze community of all ages and abilities 

Take Part Here:  Flying Trapeze Shoulder Injury Survey Form

If you would like to be kept updated on the progress and results of this research you drop an email to with  ‘Flying Trapeze Shoulder Injury Survey’ in the subject line.


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