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Welcoming, holistic physiotherapy practice in Oxford

Hi, I’m Dr. Kate Ryan.

I specialise in treating people who need MORE than a 10 minute chat and a generic sheet of exercises. That might be because:



1. You need to do extraordinary things with your body (e.g you’re a performing artist, athlete, or yoga teacher) and need high-level rehab to get you back to peak performance


2. You have an extraordinary body that needs extra care to be more comfortable with regular life. Maybe you have chronic pain, an autoimmune disorder or another long-term condition.


3. You have both things going on (my collagen atypical circus and yoga folk)


My background means I’m very well placed to help you in whichever of these groups you fall into. I have specialist training in circus medicine, pro-sports rehab, along with more holistic methods such as yoga, meditation and breathwork. I also have the lived experience of healing myself from a long-term condition. 



I am dedicated to helping you overcome pain, recover from injuries, and regain your strength through hands-on care and expert guidance.

I will create a tailored treatment plan just for you, incorporating various therapeutic techniques designed to improve your mobility and comfort.


I am here to help you navigate your wellness journey. I will listen to your concerns, assess your overall well-being, and develop a tailored plan that combines the best of physiotherapy and yoga to meet your goals.

I will provide you with practical advice, exercises, and lifestyle modifications to support your journey to optimal health.


Explore the world of yoga with me, where I’ll guide you through a blend of traditional and modern practices designed to help you feel more balanced, flexible, and at peace.

I welcome practitioners of all levels, from beginners to experienced yogis. You’ll learn mindful movement, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques that will nurture your body, mind, and soul.

FROM my healthy CLIENTS


Kate's services have already been rated 5 stars in more than 20 reviews across Facebook & Google.
Find out what makes the experience so special from satisfied clients below.

❝I had sessions with Kate several times as she is a fellow flying trapeze artist and physio and felt she would understand my tired shoulders better than others.

She has manipulated me very well and gave me exercises to make sure I would keep my shoulders as healthy as possible.

She has been patiently thorough giving me answers when I would ask her questions about what was happening to my muscles, etc. I highly recommend her!❞

(Professional Flying Trapeze Artist)
❝Kate was recommended by a gym instructor and I found her contact details on line.

I was amazed that she was both a yoga expert and a physio and felt she was exactly what I needed. I had been diagnosed with an autoimmune muscle disorder and found that the NHS was very much focused on medication rather than wholistic treatment.

I really needed someone to assess muscle groups and teach me how to improve my strength. Kate was amazing from the offstart. She listened to me and then looked at every muscle group, massaged tense areas and then guided me through exercises. She sent me videos and colour instructions of exercises and then saw me a couple of weeks later and did the same.

We were both encouraged by the progress. Kate is a healer and her areas of expertise equip her with all the skills needed to help anyone who wants to get stronger or more flexible and gain confidence. It is really hard to find someone like her and I feel very lucky that I did.❞

❝Kate is the best physio in Oxford! She's helped me several times to regain mobility, strength and trust in my body after injuries and operations.

Kate's wonderful, practical and supportive approach to physio has helped me after a knee operation, ongoing hip issues and lower back problems. She provided a fantastic online service during lockdown but it's even better being treated and supported in person! As a pretty active person, I highly value a physio who understands how obsessive we can all get about our chosen sports.

I love how conscientious, curious and caring she is with all her clients. I would highly recommend putting her on your support team, before you need her advice and treatment. She's a little uncanny at spotting potential issues and problems- and brilliant at coming up with some super useful suggestions too!❞



At the core of physioga is a deep understanding of the mind-body connection.
My therapy goes beyond addressing physical symptoms, fostering mental and emotional well-being as well. I not only address existing issues but also equip you with the tools and knowledge to help you prevent future problems.
Imagine a life free from the limitations of chronic pain or injury.
Through mindful movement and guided relaxation techniques, you will learn to manage stress, cultivate inner peace, and improve your overall quality of life.

By integrating physiotherapy exercises and yoga practices, we unlock your body's natural healing abilities and leave you feeling revitalised, energised and more in tune with your body.


Addresses biomechanical imbalances, enhancesmobility, and optimise your physical function.


Yoga fosters mental clarity, emotional resilience, and a deep sense of inner calm.


Physiotherapy promotes tissue healing and reduces inflammation.


Increase your circulation, improve alignment, and encourage being mindfulness to stay free of future problems.

Heal, Balance & Thrive

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I'm on a mission of helping active people heal painful conditions that stop them enjoying life.

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