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HEllo, I'm KATE!

Hello, I’m Kate, I’m a holistic physiotherapist, digital healthcare researcher, and yoga therapist. Things that make me happy include coffee, cats, long walks, and flying trapeze.

I started out in academia doing alternative energy research and have a PhD in Chemistry. However, I left in 2014 to retrain as a yoga teacher and later as a physio. While academia gave me some fantastic life experiences, including time living in the US and Belgium, I wanted a career where I was able to help people more directly and share my love of movement. 

The transition was definitely challenging but so worth it! I set up my own physio practice in 2019 and I love being able to help people to take back control of their own health and wellbeing. 

From my own experience healing myself from chronic pain I know how frustrating it can be to have your life restricted by pain. Especially if the only treatments offered are drugs or generic exercises. However, I also know how powerful the body’s healing mechanisms are, when harnessed correctly and how to do this effectively. 

Treating from home gives me the freedom to spend longer with my clients so I really understand their needs and can create effective, bespoke treatment plans as a result. My holistic treatments draw on a combination of my scientific, clinical, yogic and lived experience, working with the body on many levels. 

Education & Credentials


DPhil Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford

MChem Chemistry (1st Class Hons), University of Southampton

BSc Physiotherapy (1st Class Hons), King’s College London


200hr YA certified yoga teacher with 200+ hours of CPD

Certified Sports Massage Therapist

Enhanced CRB checked 2020 + 1st Aid Certified.

Circus Medicine CPD by the Circus Doc 2021

ProSport Academy Mentorship CPD 2020


Yoga and Massage Trainings

March 2014 – 200hr Gosh Lineage Hatha Yoga TT Level 1&2 with Tony Sanchez

June 2014 – 50hr Hot Power TT YogaVenue Oxford

July 2014 – 16hr Art of Teaching One to One with Kate Ellis

March 2015 – 24hr Yin Yoga TT with Norman Blair

May 2016 – 24hr Gosh Lineage Hatha Yoga TT Level 3 (advanced) with Tony Sanchez

May 2017 – ITEC Certificate in Sport Massage Therapy

June 2017 – 30hr Extended Yin Yoga TT with Norman Blair

October 2018 – 50hr Advanced Yin Yoga TT with Norman Blair

My CHat With Nourish Yoga Training

You can find full episode transcript here.


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