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Hello and welcome to my new page.

Chances are if you’ve landed here then you are interested in flying trapeze and if so then you are in the right place!

I’m super excited to be launching a new flying trapeze specific physio and research branch of my business.

Why? Because flying trapeze is tough on the body yet poorly understood by many general health care providers. AND because ‘Just stop doing it.’ isn’t an acceptable answer. 

I offer in person and virtual physio sessions for people in the fly community of all levels looking to either:

1.Rehab current injuries which are affecting their flying 

2. Injury prevention / prehab to keep flying well

Please do take a look around the rest of my site for my general info. If you’re interested in booking in for a session please drop me an email at 


“Kate is an incredible physio, she has managed to increase the range of motion and reduce the pain in my elbow following an injury 20 years ago that required a titanium prosthesis. I’ve been able to do flying trapeze and a range of other aerial activities since, and her warm, understanding manner makes the whole process really easy.” 

Andrew, flyer and catcher


“I had sessions with Kate several times as she is a fellow flying trapeze artist and physio and felt she would understand better my tired shoulders. She has manipulated me very well and gave me exercises to make sure I would keep my shoulders as healthy as possible. She has been patiently thorough giving me answers when I would ask her questions about what was happening to my muscles, etc.”

Giorgia, pro flyer


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